Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Years Eve

New Years Eve
Beautiful memories of moonlight and firelight.
Art-walks and keepsakes, the peace behind your eyes.

Walking for hours, talking and taking in.
The sounds and the images, for once just living.

Write it in your diary of precious things.
Cherish this one night of simple things.
Remember the way that we both moved as one.
Remember the promises, the songs that were sung.

Once in a lifetime is all that we get.
Keep it and hold it and never forget.
Someday when springtime has settled to fall, think back to the day that you're memory recalls.

New Years Eve, so many years past.
A girl and a boy who were living too fast.
So just for one night they took off their old pain, moved soft through the streets as they held hands and played.

Wishing on stars that I see here tonight.
Remember me fondly behind your green eyes.
The boy who believed in impossible dreams, for the girl that he loved on that New Years Eve.


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